Cruelty-Free Fall/Winter Fashion

Cruelty-Free Fall/Winter Fashion

Everyone wants to be comfy, cozy, and stylish when the weather cools off, and a lot of people opt for leather, fur, and wool to achieve the look they want. BUT...not only are cruelty-free options often less expensive, you also won't be wearing the skin or fur of a dead animal which is what I call a total win-win! And you can find options that give the look you want and unless people looked at the tag (which would be weird...) they wouldn't know it wasn't the real thing.

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I always have about ten clothing website tabs open with carts stocked full of goodies. Lots of these items will never be mine because as much as I wish you could pay for things with happy thoughts, ya just can't. But most of these carts have graphic tees in them because I can't get enough of them. I love that you can dress them up or down, with or without jewelry, as pajamas, AND they give you a chance to express your own personality or sense of humour. OR...You can look like a fan of a band whose songs you couldn't even name one of!

Wow, I just wrote a whole paragraph about graphic tees. Let's move on to the actual good stuff, and here's a collection of the coolest graphic tees I've seen lately.

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