About XO&Chelsea

Fast Facts:

Age: 29 Location: Calgary, Canada

Chelsea | XO&So

Occupation: Stay-at-home dog mom to Dexter and June, writer and content creator to pay the billz, B.A. English literature, #whipplewarrior, carb-enthusiast, and proud member of the most supportive girl squad ever.

A little more about me: In 2016, I underwent the life-changing Whipple surgery to remove a massive tumor on my pancreas. This has changed the course of my life, including how I eat! XO&So actually started out primarily as a beauty blog, and while I’ll always love that world, my heart lies in cooking and baking. My recipes don’t tend to include an overload of vegetables - simply because I can’t digest them easily since surgery! Safe foods for me include pasta, cheese, bread, and other delicious things like that, so a lot of my recipes center around those items.

I’m a strong believe that vegetarian food doesn’t have to equal vegetable overload! Don’t get me wrong, vegetables are great and serve a wonderful purpose, but just because a dish doesn’t have meat in it, doesn’t mean we have to add every vegetable on the planet to it, ya know? With that in mind, I create vegetarian comfort foods to please any palette and make you wonder why we need meat in the first place! You’ll still see veggies used in lots of my dishes, but I try to make recipes that are easy to change up according to what you feel like that day. Want to throw an extra handful of veggies into a pasta dish? Go for it! Want straight up bread and cheese? You can do that too!

Eat your heart out!