Different Types of Friends, As Dictated by ME! PART 2

Yesterday I wrote about how we act differently around different friends. Today will be MORE FUN as I share with you the different TYPES of friends often had by 20something-year-old human women. 

These are just some of the types of friends I have had throughout my life, and they all serve a distinct and important purpose.  Sometimes, if you're lucky, you'll find friends that are a perfect combination of all these things. I'm going out on a limb here and assuming you've either had, or currently have, friend(s). If not, hit me up.


The Weird Like You Friend: We're all weird, and friends that we can be our weirdest, creepiest selves around without judgement are essential.

The Down to Party Friend: It's Saturday night and no one seems to have any fun plans. Then, you remember your Down to Party friend. She's always up to something. Prepare to be hungover tomorrow.

The Really Good Texter Friend: When you just wanna chat (and by chat I mean text) someone who you know will get back to you right away, this is your go-to friend. They write back quickly and efficiently, and they make sure to comment on every important part of the story you just shared.

Type-A Friend: This friend get's shit done, and they get it done quickly, often before you even realize it needs to be done. They are especially helpful when it comes to trip planning.


Tells You What You WANT to Hear Friend: Sometimes you just want to complain about how unfair it is that ER isn't on Netflix yet without someone yelling "FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!" at you. That's where this friend comes in. They agree with you and add a similar item to your list of grievances about the world. Thanks for listening.

Tells You What You NEED to Hear Friend: If one of our eyebrows is half an inch longer than the other, having a friend (with good intentions) tell you that "No, they look good!" isn't going to do you any favours. That where this friend comes in. They'll smack you in the face with a frying pan and tell you to go back to your bathroom mirror and start again.

The Dreamer: This friend is a great one to share ideas with because they will make you feel encouraged and inspired. You tell them you want to start an animal shelter in your garage and they say "THAT SOUNDS PERFECT! WHAT COULD GO WRONG?" (Then, shortly after, the friend who tells you what you NEED to hear will step in).

The Tender Friend: This friend always assumes you need a hug, and they want to be the one to give it to you. You need to talk? Talk to them. Cry on their shoulder. Blow your nose on their shirt.

The Ride or Die Friend: So, you burned this friend's house down, and they're willing to work through it with you. That's a ride or die friend. That's an extreme example. Why did I have to take it there?

The Food Friend: My personal favourite type of friend is the food friend. If we go out to eat, I'm going to feel like I have to order a salad if you order a salad. That's why I love the friend that says, "FUCK SALAD!" Let's just both order mac and cheese and enjoy copious amounts of calories together. Deal?

The No-Love-Lost Friend: These special friends are the kind you can not see or talk to for a long time, and when you reconnect, it feels like no time has gone by. 


Well, that's enough of that for today. I better go spend some time on improving my life rather than searching for appropriate GIFs for hours at a time. 

There are many, many more types of friends so this won't be the end of this at all!

As always, PLEASE share your thoughts, comments, questions, SIN #s, BMIs, etc below....