Three Things to Keep in Mind This Week: May 8, 2017

I'm constantly consuming content, thanks in part to working in social media, but it also satisfies my natural curiosity as well as my love of reading. I'm the kind of person who always "clicks the link in the bio" and opts to "read more."

Lately I've found that by trying to read everything, I absorb nothing. To that end, I've decided to focus on a few things each week and narrow in on consuming content about those things, or just keeping in mind the "point" of certain things I read. I want to choose to read about things I'm personally working on and how others deal with the same issues. I'm going to pick three things this week (it will sometimes be more, sometimes less) and I figured I'd share them with you incase something grabs you.

Here are three things to keep in mind this week!

1. Are Your Conversations 50/50?

Do you ever come away from a hangout sesh with a friend and realize you didn't really get any info about what's up with them? Or, alternatively, they didn't seem to ask a damn thing about you? Unless there's a big event going on in one of your lives or a specific conversation you needed to have that naturally flowed toward one of you, conversations should work both ways.

It feels really good to know someone is interested in your life and what/how you're doing. Am I giving my friends that gift of them knowing I really care and want to know what's going on with them? Am I actually listening to their responses when I ask questions, or am I just waiting for my turn to answer?

These are questions I always try to come back to because I hate the idea of one of my friends coming away from a conversation and thinking "all she did was talk about herself." I'm going to really focus on asking myself, "Am I listening or am I waiting to answer?" and "Is this conversation 50/50 in terms of questions and answers?" this week and always!

2. What Areas of Your Life Feel Forced/Which Are the Most Effortless?

Undoubtedly, there are areas of your life that you naturally excel at and tasks that you choose to do before others because they're more effortless than others. Similarly, there are likely relationships you have where trying to schedule something with that person always feels like pulling teeth, and other relationships where you're down to hang whenever the opportunity comes up and the two of you just sync up perfectly.

Some of the things in our lives that we feel forced to do are obligations we can't get out of. If you're a doctor and being kind to patients feels forced for you, you still should do it. (but also maybe don't be a doctor if that's the case?) But if you're doing things you CHOOSE to do, even though they feel forced...WHY? If you go to yoga every Thursday night because you feel like you should, don't! The world is full of things to do and life is too short to force yourself to do shit you hate.

This week I'm focusing on the things I force myself to do or feel obligated to do and WHY they might feel forced. I want to work on cutting out the "forced" things and replacing them with the effortless heart-pleasing things wherever I can!


There is no #3. You know why? I was forcing myself to think of something and according to #2 I need to work on NOT forcing things.

That feels like a good, effortless place to end today! ;)

xo - C