Great Christmas Gifts for Food Bloggers

When it comes to Christmas gifts for food bloggers, you’ve got all sorts of options! I’ve put together a few of my favorite things to help make the gift-buying process even easier for you this holiday season.

(And hey, family… if you’re reading this, I promise this isn’t all an attempt to “subtly” share my Christmas wish list with you.)

Even though I titled this “great Christmas gifts for food bloggers,” it’s actually full of items that are useful for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen! These are all products I use myself, and as someone who spends hours at a time on cooking and baking and other tomfoolery in the kitchen, I can say that these are definitely useful objects!

So, if you have a food blogger, food-lover, or kitchen-spend-time-inner, in your life, you can delight them this holiday season by surprising them with one of these tools to make their kitchen adventures easier and more enjoyable.



I got this mini KitchenAid food processor a few months ago, and I’ve been impressed by it ever since! It comes in really handy for making dips and dressings, and you can also use it to chop veggies or quickly prep other ingredients. It also comes in a variety of colors to suit any kitchen style!



A handy little microplaner grates cheese really finely, which is what you want with parmesan! This one is useful because it has a protective cover for storing it, and a comfortable handle.

 Here I am in Said Apron

Here I am in Said Apron

Here’s another item you’ll spot in my photos all the time! The pattern on the Anthropologie apron is to die for, and it’s got a really nice material. I feel so whimsical and cute when I wear this in the kitchen, and everyone should get to feel that way sometimes!


These adorable Monette Monogram cheese boards from Anthropologie will not only be useful when you’re hosting holiday events or other food-centric activities, but they make a beautiful addition to a food blog photo!



I freaking LOVE my Pyrex dishes! Something about a solid glass bowl is so nice to mix things with, and they’re so durable and easy to clean!

If you want to go all-out for the foodie or food blogger in your life this Christmas, get them one of these smeg ‘50s Retro Style Five-Quart Stand Mixers! Regular KitchenAid stand mixers are great too, but these color options are SO AWESOME, and these are so trendy

You’ll spot this Anthropologie Eres Pie Dish in a LOT of my blog/Instagram photos because I think it is so stunning, and it’s perfect for holding all kinds of baking, or other odds and ends. Every time someone sees it when they come over, they compliment it, and I also like to compliment it sometimes, too ;)

I don’t think you can look at the measuring cups and not think of Beauty and the Beast! Yet another tool that’s useful, but also looks oh-so-good in photos!



If you’re shopping for someone who cooks with mushrooms as much as I do, this Opinel Mushroom Knife will be a game changer for them! Not only is the blade perfect for slicing and icing mushrooms, the brush on the handle’s other end is perfect for cleaning them before you cut them.

Not only do I use this cooling rack to actually cool baking, it’s become a very useful backdrop for food photos! The pattern and the gold finish is subtle enough not to take away from the rest of the photo, but I think it adds a beautiful element to blog photos!

That should do it for now!

Happy shopping AND happy holidays!

xo - C

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