BBG Beginner Week 2 Recap (+ Vancouver Trip Highlights!)

Week two is done! I had to modify the schedule a little bit because I was gone to Vancouver from Friday-Monday, but I still finished all of the workouts - yes!

Normally, I would have strength workouts MWF and the cardio workouts TThS, but since I was flying early-ish on Friday, I made some modifications. I did legs on Monday and arms and abs on Wednesdays as planned, but I did my full-body workout on Thursday instead of Friday. We walked a LOT in Vancouver, so I felt good about getting my low-intensity cardio in, and we also played hours of Just Dance with my little cousins which is inteeeense. PS. if you don't have an XBOX or other console to play Just Dance on, you can download an app and use it with your computer or smart tv and your phone acts as your sensor! I've been doing three songs for my cardio warmup before workouts and it really gets your heart going.

 Out for a LISS workout on Week 2

Out for a LISS workout on Week 2

Since I started working out almost two months ago, I've noticed I've gotten a lot stronger in many areas, and my cardio endurance has improved a LOT! One thing I am really frustrated with, however, is push ups! Like, I am doing them all the time and I don't feel like I'm getting any better at them and they are just so hard. I can't even do a full pushup from my knees. I don't expect to be good at them by now but I did think I'd be a bittttt better. I have heard that tall people have a harder time with pushups though, so I'm just going to tell myself that's why it's so hard! That being said, I feel like I'm getting so much better at squats which is really encouraging.

While I have you, here are some of my favorite moments from our Vancouver trip. I could upload video from the entire Harry Styles concert but I won't do that to ya right now ;)

Ta ta for now!

xo - C