BBG Beginner Week 3 Recap

And just like that, BBG Week 3 is all done!

bbg week 3


I was able to complete all of the workouts again this week, and only had to move one day around to fit it all in.

Week 3 had some different moves than the first two weeks, and it was fun to switch things up a bit. I'm still feeling frustrated with my lack of pushup progress, but I feel like I'm getting a lot stronger in other areas.

I was really enjoying doing long walks for the cardio days, but I have a hip injury that's really been slowing me down. I've been doing dance workouts instead, because I find this is less painful for me, and I actually get my heart rate up way more this way.

bbg week 3


I really find that I dread the arms and abs day, but I look forward to the full body and leg workouts. To me, that says I just need to work even harder at the arms stuff and I'm sure I'll come to enjoy it more. I also think the reason I like the legs and full body workouts more is that it gets my heart rate going a lot more and I get a lot sweatier than I do during the arm workouts and I like that feeling. But every part is important so I'm just going to keep at it! What else can I do!?

Up next: Week 4!

xo - C