BBG Beginner Week 4 Recap

Week Four of BBG is done - where is the time going?

Photo 2018-07-22, 10 24 07 PM.png

I completed all of the workouts according to schedule this week! Still struggling with pushups, but feeling way stronger with squats and my cardio endurance is getting better.

bbg week 4

I came down with a nasty case of bronchitis at the end of the week, so I'm a little unsure about what this week is going to look like. I don't know if I'll pause for a week and start Week 5 next week and just let my body rest, or if I start to feel better in the next few days maybe I can still fit all of the workouts in. Everything I read says not to mess around with pushing yourself once your sickness is "below the neck" (ie in your chest instead of your nose or throat), but I really don't want to miss a week! I know if I don't get the rest I need though, I risk missing out on more than a week from getting even sicker.

This week, I'm including my Fit Bit data from the 3 strength workouts (Legs on Monday, Arms and Abs Wednesday, Full Body Friday). Even though the BBG workouts are 28 minutes (plus one minute between each seven minute set), I do cardio warmup which is why it says each workout is around 45 minutes. Do you guys like looking at this kind of data? If so, I'll keep including it!

Until next week!

xo - C