PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: BECCA Anti-Fatigue Undereye Primer

I picked up the Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer a month or so ago, and it's become one of my favourite products. I thought it deserved its own post, so here we go!



Anti-Fatigue Undereye Primer

When I chat about makeup with my friends, something that comes up for us over and over again is how hard it is to prevent undereye concealer from creasing. Undereyes are notoriously thin and dry, and they're also a spot we tend to put a lot of makeup on, so it's no wonder they end up getting cakey sometimes. I'm always up to try new undereye products that are meant to prevent creasing, so I was really excited about this product!

What it does: This priming balm instantly smoothes and blurs fine lines while reducing puffiness over time. Infused with cucumber, matcha green tea and caffeine, the sheer, velvety formula effortlessly melts into skin to smooth and condition the eye area. It perfectly preps for your corrector and concealer application so makeup never creases or looks cakey.

My Review:

First of all, I should say this goes on completely clear; there's no blue-hue added to your undereye when you apply it. It's a balm, so it has a rrrreeeeaaallly nice, soft texture that you'll want to run your finger over and over again. And this one container will last a really long time.

That's all good and well if it feels nice, but does it do what it says?

I think it's too soon to say if it's actually reduced fine lines, etc. around my eyes (I'm lucky to not have many to begin with...yet!) so I can't really speak to its long term effects.

What I CAN say, however, is that as far as being an effective undereye primer, it works VERY WELL!

When you apply it, it adds a velvety soft finish on your undereye, and when you apply concealer over top of it, it doesn't pill! Pilling was one of my first concerns, as it is with anything I apply UNDER makeup, so I was really happy to discover this didn't pill at all.

It's done a great job at making my undereye concealer stay put and prevent it from creasing, and after wearing it for hours, I am pleased to say it still feels just as soft! By the end of the night or day wearing it, it feels just as good and moisturized as when I first put it on, which I was really glad to see!


If you have dry undereyes, struggle with creasing under eye concealer, or your undereye concealer doesn't seem to stay put, the Becca Ant-Fatigue Undereye Primer could be a total game changer for you like it was for me.

 By the way, these are the three concealers (my favourites) I've used it with, and it has worked just as well with each of them:


IT Cosmetics

Bye Bye Under Eye



Maracuja Creaseless Concealer

tarte shape tape


Shape Tape Contour Concealer

That's all for now, folks!

Let me know what you think of this product if you've tried it, or if you have other go-to undereye products I should know about!

xo - C