Cute and Cozy Winter Sweaters

Cute winter sweaters are one of the best things about this season, right? As if the delicious food and the parties and the general togetherness weren’t enough...we get to pile on comfy layers!

We got a big snow dump here in Calgary last night, so I have cozy clothing on my mind. It’s supposed to warm up a bit next week….but it’s definitely winter! While we’re on the subject, do you have Christmas decorations or your tree up yet? I know it’s a bit different for Americans because you have Thanksgiving coming up but ours was already over a month ago! So I think a lot of us feel more ready to bring on the holiday spirit sooner because we don’t have to worry about Thanksgiving being so close to Christmas!

Obviously this isn’t a food related post but a few months ago I put together my favorite fall sweaters and I was super excited to see the response to that post! So, with that in mind, I’ve compiled 6 comfy cozy winter sweaters that look cute and do that hard work of keeping you warm (especially if you live in Alberta like meeee!)

To make it easy on ya, you can just click on each image to shop it!

Everyone and their mom seems to have this sweater, and now that I have it too, I see why! It’s sooo comfortable and soft, and it’s on sale! I’d definitely suggest sizing down as the website suggests. I got a size Small and it’s still plenty roomy.

You get the best of both worlds with this Madewell Bomber Sweater. It doubles as a jacket or a sweater, and it’s soft, warm, comfortable, and ON SALE!

I’ve been living in this Abercrombie fleece since I got it a few weeks ago. I hadn’t been in Abercrombie for years, but when I went in specifically to get this sweater, I was actually really impressed with their stuff! They had really good coats and sweaters, as well as a selection of pajamas I fell in love with.

This Treasure and Bond sweater from Nordstrom is ideal for wanting to still look a little sultry by showing off that shoulder but still being nice and toasty!

Among the many things I love about this Anthropologie sweater is that every time I look at it I picture being in the mountains with a handsome man by my side (Jon Hamm, Jesse Williams, Josh Duhamel, Harry Styles…any one will do), sipping on hot chocolate in a chalet.

I love that this sweater zips up so you can open it up if you need to cool off a bit. It also comes in several colors, and it’s yet another option that’s on sale!

Alright, that should do it for now, don’t ya think?

Happy shopping!

xo - C

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