I Need Your Help: New "Product Review" Format

I've just returned (okay, not technically true - I'm in Toronto for a loooong layover) from a trip to Florida, and I've purchased a whole heck of a bunch of new products from Ulta, Target, Glossier, and Sephora, including products you can't get in Canada, and all of my VIBRouge sale picks. My suitcase was five pounds heavier on the way home and 90% of that is makeup and skincare.


 A photo from the aforementioned vacation

A photo from the aforementioned vacation

Anywho, all this shopping means I have a whole bunch of stuff (more than 50 products!) I want to review and cover for you guys, so I'm going to test out a new format for reviews that will (hopefully) make it really easy for you to get the info you want to know about the product without having to read a loooong post like this about each item... ;)

Your feedback about any additional categories you'd like me to include when discussing a product would be much-appreciated.

Here are the categories I'm planning to use right now:

Product Name:


Purchased From:


Product Description:



Lives Up to Its Claims: 1-10

Feel: 1-10

Worth the Cost: 1-10

Smell: 1-10

Effectiveness: 1-10

Would I Repurchase?  Y/N and why

Additional Info:

What do ya think? What's missing? What else do you want to know about these products?

By the way, the ones that are 1-10 will also include WHY I'm giving it that rating.

No one ever said I was a woman of few words!

I reeeeally appreciate your input!

Thanks in advance, babies.

xo - C