The Best Travel Accessories on Amazon

Before my trip to London, I stocked up on some travel accessories I found on Amazon to make the long trip there easier, and to help with packing, and just general convenience. I tested everything out for the nine or ten days I was there, and here are the things I loved the most!


 Here I am wearing the backpack just before we started our tour of the Tower of London.

Here I am wearing the backpack just before we started our tour of the Tower of London.

I needed a backpack to bring along, so I looked for one that had a special pocket on the backside where you can hide special items and I came across this one. It was only about $40 and I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality of it! It fit my laptop perfectly, and it has a middle compartment, as well as two other front sections and the secret back compartment, and two side compartments perfect for holding water bottles or umbrellas. It's waterproof which was handy in London, and it was comfortable to wear.

I grabbed one of these travel pillows with a neck support built into it, and it was a GAME CHANGER! For someone who can't sleep on flights and finds sitting upright for a long time really uncomfortable, this really helped me relax and close my eyes on the flight. They seem like they wouldn't be comfortable, but they're surprisingly really cozy and hold your neck up perfectly. This one cost about $27 and it was really light and convenient to travel with. It closes with velcro, so when I wasn't wearing it, I just wrapped it around my purse strap!

I'd heard a lot about packing cubes and how they help keep your suitcase organized and help you pack way more, so I was excited to find these pale pink travel cubes with a cactus print for only $28 on Amazon. It came with three mesh packing cubes, an underwear bag, a drawstring bag (I stored the shoes I wore to the wedding in here!), and another sizeable square bag without the mesh. The bags have two-way zippers and packing straps, and I was really happy with how much they helped the packing process. I liked that once one of the cubes was packed, you could pop it into your suitcase and not worry about your clothes coming unrolled or falling out of place. I won't travel without these now!

This cosmetic bag cost less than $10 and it's perfect for holding bigger containers like hairspray or body lotions! It has little compartments inside of it and elastic and mesh compartments to keep things of different sizes organized. It has a drawstring at the top so you can pack up quickly, and you can also fold the top over to access your items more easily. It's made of a durable nylon and it's easy to clean and pack up.

I'm sure I looked like a horse when I wore this sleeping mask, but boy, I did not care! I was too busy enjoying the pitch blackness it created! It's comfortable and adjustable, and pretty much a necessity if you plan on getting any sleep on a flight.

That's it for now! Hope these are useful to you!

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