The Scrambled Eggs That Changed My Life (Using Trader Joe's Onion Salt)

Dramatic title, I know. But I'm passionate about these scrambled eggs, guys!

best scrambled eggs

I've always liked scrambled eggs, but as of recently, I can say I LOVE them because of how I've been making them. It's a suupppper simple, and ooooh sooo delicious recipe. It requires one special ingredient from Trader Joe's, but I'm going to include a way to make it pretty much the same with other ingredients.

If you live in the States near a Trader Joe's, lucky you!!!! Wherever you're from, next time you're at Trader Joe's, stock up on their Onion Salt.

trader joe's onion salt

It's only about $2, and this stuff is GOLD!!! It's an allium blend (allium means onion and its many relatives, including garlic, scallions, leeks, and chives), and I know everyone talks about Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Seasoning (which is great too!) but this stuff is my favorite and so good on just about anything.

Here's what you'll need for one serving of these life-changing scrambled eggs:

  • 3 eggs (I always go for organic and free-range)
  • 3-5 good shakes of Trader Joe's Onion Salt (or to taste)
  • 1 tablespoon of butter (or more if you're feeling it)
  • 1/3 cup shredded cheddar cheese

If you can't get your pretty little hands on Trader Joe's Onion Salt, just use the ingredients on their own to make your own mix:

Granulated onion (this should be the majority of the blend), granulated garlic, minced onion, kosher salt, green onion, and dried chives.

To Prepare:

  • Heat one tablespoon of butter in your frying pan
  • In a separate bowl, whisk three eggs. Do not add anything to them! No milk, no water, nothing! Just the eggs.
  • Once the butter is heated and melted, add the whisked eggs to the pan and let them cook.
  • When your eggs are almost done being scrambled but still a bit runny, add the onion salt and the cheese.
  • Let the cheese melt and everything mix together for a minute or two (or until the eggs are totally cooked) and you're done!

These eggs are so simple but so freaking good, I swear!!!!

I hope you love them!

XO - C